Has your dream vacation to Hawaii been rudely interrupted by an annoying cough? Did a misstep in the hula class seize your back? You're sure it's nothing but would really like to talk to a doctor, preferably someone familiar. Instead of looking up the address of a local clinic, go online, to CirrusMED.

As a member of Cirrus Medical Network, your personal doctor is available no matter where in the world you happen to be. If you have access to email or the web, a consult is just a few clicks away. Telemedicine means cloud-based, private, and confidential communication between patient and physician. CirrusMED members receive:

  • unlimited online consults with a U.S.-based, board-certified primary care physician
  • referrals to specialists
  • orders for x-ray or imaging (including MRI) at a conveniently located facility
  • lab orders
  • prescriptions

Honolulu-based KITV reports that Hawaii ranked number one in an annual report on healthcare in America. But Hawaii is also experiencing a shortage of doctors due to the high cost of living and low physician wages. If you live in Hawaii, you may have experienced the impact of that shortage firsthand.

Just a few advantages of a CirrusMED on-demand chat or phone consultation:

  • Average doctor response time is 90 seconds or less. Your health concern is quickly resolved.
  • The doctor is the same one from your last visit; they know you, they know your history. As a result, your treatment is better directed.
  • Of the hundreds of cloud-based doctor visits, over 70% did not require further care. You can be confident that your health concern will be fully met.

If you're just visiting Hawaii or want to try out CirrusMED without a long-term commitment, for a low fee, you can consult with and have access to a local doctor for 72 hours. A standard membership covers one, three, or 12 months. If you want rapid access to your physician, a VIP plan provides you with your doctor's cell phone number.

A CirrusMED membership will save you time and money, even if you have insurance. Experience the freedom from waiting rooms and work schedule juggling that comes with having "Your Doctor. Online."