Welcome to Cirrus Medical Network (CirrusMED)

Your doctor has moved to the cloud!

While this may seem have seemed a little crazy prior to 2020, telehealth has become widely adopted by physicians of all specialties.  In fact, you'd be surprised how easy it is to get really good care online. Cirrus Medical Network has many doctors caring for their patients on our all-in-one telehealth platform, CirrusMED.com.

To get started simply go to CirrusMED.com and click on "Sign-up" in the upper right hand corner. (NOTE: Chrome Browser works best)

Choose sign-up as a patient and fill out the registration and medical history intake forms. You can always edit this later if needed if you don't have all of your information on hand. Just fill it out the best you can.

Once you've completed the registration, search for your doctor by clicking on "Doctors" tab.

Choose from one of the membership or service options listed on your doctor's profile page.  Memberships are recurring  (e.g. monthly, 3-month, annual) and Services are time-limited (e.g. "One-time consultation with 7 days access").

For ongoing care, we recommend choosing a membership which allows for the ultimate in continuity of care-- direct access via chat messaging, unlimited virtual appointments, and follow-up of ongoing conditions.

If you are on prescription medications, please review our prescription policy. We recommend choosing a membership duration in line with the duration of your prescription. For example, if you prefer 3-month prescriptions, then choose a 3-month membership, or an annual membership (90 day supply with 3 refills).

After selecting a membership/service, acknowledge the membership agreement, privacy policy, prescription policy, and complete payment.

Once payment is complete, you will now be able to message your doctor directly and/or book virtual appointments.

Under your settings, you may edit your notifications (text, email), payment method, email, and phone.  Be sure to verify your phone in order to receive text notifications.

You may edit your profile at any time. Here you may upload your photo, edit your medical history, and update your preferred pharmacy and/or imaging center.

When selecting your preferred pharmacy, type in the street address number first (e.g. 1234 Main). If you do not see your pharmacy listed, just be sure to let your doctor know via the chat messaging.

Here are some quick tutorials:

*Use a desktop/laptop to view tutorials.

How to register as a new patient.

How to video chat with your doctor.


You may have your records faxed to 833-336-0705, emailed to support@cirrusmed.com, or you may upload them yourself under your Profile - Documents.

Click here to fill out the "Authorization Obtain Personal Health Information (PHI) From A Provider" form



Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

We want to make sure you are able to continue receiving the same level of care from your physician that you were prior to their transition to a virtual practice. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at support@cirrusmed.com or by phone 702-690-9711.