Meet Holly. A busy solopreneur, she's happy to be bouncing back from a nasty respiratory infection. As her antibiotic course is coming to an end, she notices disturbing changes to her body. She does a quick search online and learns that she probably has a vaginal yeast infection. The antibiotics did it.

Our bodies are home to millions of microscopic life forms, including candida and lactobacillus, the two main types of bacteria living in the vagina. Antibiotics that are taken to kill other types of bacteria also take out lactobacillus. In their absence, candida cheerfully multiplies. This overgrowth of candida is called candidiasis. It can also be caused by shifts in pH or bacteria caused by:

  • pregnancy
  • (poorly controlled) diabetes
  • use of corticosteroid medicines (prescribed to reduce inflammation)
  • trichomoniasis, a sexually transmitted disease caused by a parasite

Symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection:

  • Itching, redness, and/or swelling of the vagina and vulva.
  • Discharge that is usually thick and white like cottage cheese or odorless and watery.
  • A burning sensation during intercourse or while urinating.

The easiest way to prevent a yeast infection is to consume a probiotic (like yogurt, kefir, or supplement). These contain the lactobacillus bacteria; so, incorporating them into your day while taking antibiotics may keep the Candida infection at bay. But traditionally, it's probably not surprising that the treatment for a condition often caused by antibiotic use is – antibiotic use. Medication that can be taken orally or vaginally is available on most store shelves. But sometimes, more is needed; and that calls for a prescription.

How can a CirrusMED doc help without a physical exam?

Holly is understandably freaked about this unpleasant turn of events. She eagerly tries yogurt, MCT oil, and oregano but the itching, burning, and grossness continue. She considers going to her OB/GYN but remembers it seemed to take half a trimester just to get in to see the doctor the last time, and going to her primary care doctor is almost as painful.  She's reluctant to go to an urgent care center because she doesn't want just anyone – well, she just doesn't want to go to an urgent care center.

Happily, Holly's searching leads to CirrusMED. She's surprised to learn that 90% of medical conditions can be cared for in a virtual doctor's office visit. Shortly after enrolling, she's connected with her own doctor who listens as she recounts her symptoms and efforts to fix what's wrong. The doctor confirms her guess and, after a few more questions, writes a prescription for a heavy-duty antibiotic. The prescription is sent electronically to Holly's pharmacy of choice, she swings by to pick it up and puts it to use that same day. And she begins to feel better.

If you want Holly's experience - the part about getting a prescription from an online doctor visit -, enroll now in CirrusMED. Her solution can be yours: an online consult with a board-certified physician and a prescription in-hand within hours.