Maybe you just finished a course of antibiotics. Perhaps you have a new partner. Maybe you're just one of the millions of women who are more prone to yeast infections than others. Either way, things are out of balance, and it's a problem. If you're experiencing vaginal itching, discomfort, and atypical discharge, you could have a yeast infection. Most women have them from time to time, and they are usually very treatable.

Before seeing a doctor, most women consider one of the many over-the-counter medications available at any drugstore. These contain medications known as "azoles," a class of antifungals. In addition, some women like to try home remedies before using medication, including:

  • Probiotic yogurt containing the bacteria Lactobacillus. This is the same species that typically lives in the vagina, and is responsible for keeping other microbes (like yeast) in check. Eating yogurt with live cultures on a regular basis may also help prevent future yeast infections.
  • Douching with vinegar. This may seem a bit weird, but vinegar has natural antimicrobial properties, and can help good bacteria make a comeback.
  • Garlic supplements. Garlic is a natural antifungal, and regular use may help in treating and preventing yeast infections.

For some, however, OTC medications and home remedies just aren't enough. This is when most women make an appointment with their primary care physician or gynecologist. But it can be frustrating to wait a week or more for an appointment, take time off work, and have to sit through an exam for something so simple and easily-treated. If you're uninsured, or have a high deductible, a standard doctor's office appointment may not even be possible. You could try an urgent care center, but that could take all day. Going to an ER may take even longer, and could end up costing hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars! All for a simple prescription, usually just a single pill!

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