SMS Text Notifications

SMS Text Notifications From CirrusMED

Cirrus Medical Network (dba CirrusMED) allows one-way SMS (text) notifications from the web application,, to users who have agreed to our electronic communication terms upon registration. SMS Text notifications are enabled upon registration within the secure web application. SMS notifications from Cirrus Medical Network are used strictly for notifications in the following scenarios:

  • Cancel consultation
  • Upcoming consultation
  • Shared note
  • Shared lab
  • Shared imaging order
  • New medical file
  • New message
  • Approve consultation
  • Decline consultation
  • Reschedule consultation
  • New fax
  • New task
  • Fax failed
  • New patient

Users may opt in or opt-out of these notifications at any time by simply checking or un-checking the respective notification in their account settings (see screenshot below)

SMS Text notification is also used for 2-factor authentication (2FA):

All SMS Text notifications are triggered by the application via Twilio API calls. The notifications are “no-reply” as 2-way communication is not pertinent. 

All SMS notifications are simple text. No attachments are allowed.

Users are directed to the secure web application if additional information is to be reviewed.

SMS Text notifications do not contain Personal Health Information (PHI)

Examples of SMS notifications include:

  • “Hello admin, You’ve got new fax from 775-123-4567. CirrusMED Team”
  • “Hello Doctor, You got a new message. Please log in to your account to check it. CirrusMED Team.
  • “Hello Patient, You got a new message. Please log in to our account to check it. CirrusMED Team”
  • “Hello Doctor, You got a new Task. Please log in to your account to check it. CirrusMED team”


See screenshots below for examples of SMS notifications from Cirrus Medical Network ( SMS only number: +1-888-776-1880.



SMS Sender Identification and Opt-Out

All outgoing SMS Text notifications from CirrusMED include the company and/or app name, “CirrusMED” so that the end user is aware of the sender.

To opt out, users simply uncheck the respective SMS notification in their account settings. The user has options to receive notifications within the web app when logged in or via email as an alternative to SMS. 

All users acknowledge and consent (“opt-in”) to receive electronic communication via the “Membership Agreement”.

See the screenshots below demonstrating the user’s consent for electronic communication and the Membership Agreement:



Any issues or concerns with SMS Text notifications from Cirrus Medical Network's app,, should be address via our contact info.

updated 10/10/2023

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