SMS Consent

CirrusMED SMS Text Message Notification Opt-In Consent


Company Name: Cirrus Medical Network, Inc. dba CirrusMED



I hereby consent to receive SMS text message notifications from Cirrus Medical Network, Inc. ("CirrusMED") for the following SMS notifications: 

  • Appointment/consultation reminders
  • Portal message notifications
  • Medical reports and order notifications


By providing my mobile phone number and checking the box, I acknowledge and agree to the following:


  1. Consent: I understand and agree that CirrusMED may send SMS text messages to the mobile phone number provided by me for the specified purpose. I consent to receiving these text messages. Consent is not a condition to purchase. 


  1. Message Frequency: I understand that message frequency may vary depending on the nature of the notifications, but CirrusMED will make reasonable efforts to minimize unnecessary messages. I agree to receive recurring automated text messages to the phone number provided.


  1. Message and Data Rates: I understand that standard message and data rates may apply, depending on my mobile service plan. I am solely responsible for any costs associated with receiving SMS messages from CirrusMED.


  1. Opt-Out: I have the right to opt out of receiving SMS text messages from CirrusMED at any time. To do so, I can reply to any message with "STOP", unselect SMS-specific notifications in account settings, or contact CirrusMED through the provided contact information below.


  1. Privacy & Terms: I understand that my personal information and mobile phone number will be treated in accordance with CirrusMED's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions,  which can be reviewed on the website.


  1. Contact Information: If I have any questions, or concerns, or wish to opt out of SMS notifications, I can contact Cirrus Medical Network, Inc. using the following contact information:


   Phone: 702-690-9711


   Mailing Address: 10627 Professional Cir, Ste A, Reno, NV 89512


By checking the box, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms of this SMS text message notification consent form.


  • I consent to receiving SMS text messages from Cirrus Medical Network, Inc. for the specified purpose.


  • I have read and agree to CirrusMED's Privacy Policy.


  • I understand that I can opt out of SMS notifications at any time.


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