What does it cost to become a member of Cirrus Medical Network?

As independent telehealth providers, Cirrus Medical Network (CirrusMED) physicians determine their own pricing for memberships (recurring) and services (time-limited). We recommend searching for a provider by state, specialty, and membership/service first. Then review pricing on the individual provider's profile page.  

Primary care physicians typically charge between $39-69/month depending on the duration of access. Longer memberships translate into lower average monthly fees. 

Specialists typically offer time-limited access  (e.g. 3-months) in addition to recurring memberships averaging $99/month.  Pricing is quite variable depending on the specialty field and offering.  

Members may contact their physician, as often as needed, directly via messaging and/or appointment as long as their membership is active.

There is no "per-visit"  or "per encounter" fee. 

There is no insurance billing, similar to "direct primary care", or "concierge" practices.


Your CirrusMED Physician can prescribe medications (see prescription policy),  order labs, x-rays, referrals, and provide consultations online via secure messaging, videoconferencing, or telephone.  Just think of the time and money you are saving by not having to schedule your face-to-face appointment.

Cirrus Medical Network accepts Credit Cards for payment. Please contact us if you prefer to pay by other methods.


*Please review our Membership Agreement for details.

Please NOTE:  Cirrus Medical Network does NOT accept members on Medicaid or Medicare. Please do not sign up if you have Medicaid or Medicare.


It is easy to change your membership and/or purchase additional services listed under your provider's profile. 

***Please review our Prescription Policy before signing up****NO CONTROLLED MEDICATIONS***


Cirrus Medical Network (CirrusMED) offers routine online and telehealth care  to direct paying members. This service is not meant to replace one's established relationship with a primary care or specialist physician. Rather, the intention is to offer concierge-like consultations online or via telemedicine outside of the restraints of insurance networks and/or traditional office-based practices. While continuity of care is offered with retention of an online concierge physician, members shall be limited to no more than 15 video consultations per month over the term of paid membership (monthly, 3 month, or annual). Any care beyond the paid term is not guaranteed.  For more information, please see the membership agreement.