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Physician's Resource Page


Welcome to Cirrus Medical Network!   "Your Practice. Online." 

For our new physician affiliates, the following information highlights the process of on-boarding and getting familiar with our platform,

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Quick Set-Up for Physicians

View the CirrusMED Provider Set-up Tutorial Video

(note: we regularly update the platform, so the appearance and workflow is subject to change)



  • Account Settings: email/pw, bank info (not required yet), upload image of your signature
  • Note Types: customize to your liking. Here is an example:
  • Macros: customize shortcuts/text-expanders for commonly typed phrases/text. Most fields will accept #(macroname). see
  • VMA's: You may add a virtual medical assistant here. Use while testing the platform, when you go live, we will assign you a VMA. 
  • Notifications: select your preferred notifications. See mine here:
  • Consultations: You may enable and create custom intake forms for new consultation requests.   Example: 

My Profile:  , edit your Bio, education/specialty, contact info (see my settings here: , and credentials.


Messages:  The main messages tab shows your most recent messages from patients, similar to text messages on your phone. Select a conversation and chat with your patient and/or open their chart by clicking on the patient's name.,

Patients: search patients by name/email, membership, status, etc.

Contacts: search and add contacts (visible to everyone).

Tasks: view and create tasks. Click on ... to mark task completion or delete.

Encounters: list of encounters and "common send" ; encounter

Send elements of the encounter via the common send button:,  

Patient Profile:

Documents:  Patient uploaded, Labs, Imaging, Consults, Misc. ; You may rename and move files into the appropriate folder, View document by clicking on it. 


Video Consultation: 15 min prior to the appt to 15 min after the time of the appointment, the video chat room will be open. Just click "enter" from your home page and the rest is similar a facetime/skype call. 

Select Memberships / Services: Choose which recurring memberships and one-time services you would like to offer.



  1. How to Create an Encounter and Visit Note
  2. How to add a Diagnosis
  3. How to Create and Send a Diagnostic Imaging Order
  4. How to Create and Send a Lab Order
  5. How to Create and Send a Referral 
  6. How to Add and/or Edit a Contact
  7. How to activate/deactivate a membership or service
  8. MRI / Imaging Referral Workflow for Providers
  9. How to edit your availability calendar
  10. How to Set-up Provider Payouts / Stripe Account
  11. How to Add a Virtual Medical Assistant
  12. How to Edit the Problem List
  13. How to e-Prescribe
  14. How to view order, referral, diagnosis, and prescription history
  15. Scriptix e-Prescribe Knowledge Base FAQ  



New Patient Sign-up:  After a patient fills out their intake information, they choose a doctor (you) and one of your services or memberships.  Once they pay, you get a notification that you have a new patient. Your notification preferences are in your settings. The patient may then set up an appointment, based on your availability calendar, and/or message you through the chat.  You document your encounter and if needed send a prescription or an order. 

Established Patient: Patient may message you or set up an appointment. If patient messages you on the website, you are notified based on your notification settings. 


PATIENT: Patient requests MRI/Imaging Referral

DOCTOR: How to create an MRI/Imaging Referral









To create a custom membership or service please submit a Custom Service Request form.