Patient Tutorials

For active patient members of Cirrus Medical Network, here is a list of commonly asked questions:


  1. How to Register as New Patient
  2. How to Request an MRI/Imaging Referral from Your Online Doctor
  3. How to Request a New Prescription
  4. How to Request a Prescription Refill
  5. How to Book an Online Consultation With Your Doctor
  6. How to Video Chat With Your Doctor
  7. How to Message Your Doctor
  8. How to Share / Upload Photos With Your Doctor
  9. How to Share / Upload Documents With Your Doctor
  10. How to Sign Up for a Membership
  11. How to Sign Up for a Service
  12. How to Switch Doctors
  13. How to Request a Lab Order From Your Online Doctor
  14. How to Request a Referral From Your Online Doctor
  15. How to Contact Support
  16. How to Contact Your Doctor’s Virtual Medical Assistant
  17. How to View / Print Invoices
  18. How to Request a Refund
  19. How to Cancel Your Membership 
  20. How to Upgrade Your Membership