Specialty: Internal Medicine (> 18 years old)
State License(s): AL, CA, CO, GA, IL, MI, PA, WI
Memberships: Pending
Medical School: University of Missouri-Columbia
Residency: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Languages: English

Personal Statement


Let's see what we can do together to help you live your healthiest life. I know your health is your most valuable resource; I also know that there are lots of factors in today's world that get in the way of achieving the health goals you have in mind. You've already taken a great step by looking for new ways to get the care you need! We can avoid so many of the barriers that are often present between patients and their Docs--it will be you and me communicating in a format and time that we choose ourselves to best set you up for success.

*I believe in treating the whole person: every piece of you and your environment working together.

*I believe in building relationships with mutual respect and kindness

*I believe in communication: listening and learning go both ways

*I believe in healthy habits: it's not easy and is always a work in progress, and that's ok!

*I believe in science: it's the best guidance we have for what works for healthy lives

I have nearly 20 years of experience working in varying medical settings (Clinic, urgent care, hospital, ICU, palliative care, care homes, you name it). I went to the University of Missouri Medical School, which has an innovative learning curriculum and trained at a rigorous Internal Medicine residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

I am looking forward to working with you! Have a wonderful day.

--Dr. Cristen Mazzella