Specialty: Internal Medicine (> 18 years old)
State License(s): NY
Memberships: Monthly Primary Care, 3-Month Primary Care, Annual Primary Care
Services: MRI / Imaging Referral, Prescription, New Prescription, Prescription Refill, One-time consultation Primary Care (1-week access), None, Total Health Review and Prevention Plan, Complex Care / Multiple Medication Review & Plan, Long COVID Evaluation & Management, Integrative/Functional Medicine Evaluation, Second Opinion
Medical School: St.George's University
Residency: Stony Brook University
Languages: English

Dr. Hari, an internal medicine doctor online, is accepting patients in New York. 

Personal Statement

I've had extensive experience treating multiple system organ failure, and taking care of patients in the hospital for 6.5 years as a hospitalist in New York. After everything I witnessed, I truly believe prevention is the best cure. I worked as a medical director for an agency dedicated to helping the homeless and HIV population in New York access care during COVID, when most clinics were shut down. I'm dedicated to helping my patients achieve their maximum health and living their best life and I have a range of experience when it comes to helping people achieve their health goals.

I have worked alongside Dr. Hari as a nurse for close to 5 years, & can attest that she is informative, thorough, & uplifting to be around. Her hospitalist work with the exceptionally ill & passion for preventative living will serve those in the Hari Wellness Program well. Although there’s a lot that can be done to treat a patient once sickness has surfaced, there’s even more that can be done with patients’ true understanding of labs & a thorough health overview BEFORE medical decline occurs, & Dr. Hari’s expertise is perfect to help fill this void. On a scale of 1-5, I give Dr. Hari 6 stars!
Clair Fanning

R.N., New York

It was during the pandemic and my symptoms of what I now know was a flare and it was full on. My doctor’s appointment was 3 months wait. Thankfully, there was telemedicine available. Dr.Hari who was pleasant to talk to, listened carefully while I told her my symptoms. She asked me a few more questions regarding my family history and prescribed medication. The symptoms gradually came under control and I was thankful. Finally, when I visited my doctor he asked me to continue the same medication Dr. Hari had prescribed. 
I am thankful to Dr.Hari for helping me when I needed the most. 
Madhavi P.

Thank you Doc!

I’m so happy to find a Doctor online that is great and will be a good source of care not only for me but for my kids.
My son is in North Carolina and my daughter is on loan to a company in Paris. I am reassured that  they can get the care they need !
Nancy Norton


I met Dr. Hari at South Shore University Hospital a few years ago. It was a pleasure to work with such a skilled and caring physician. Her diagnoses were perpetually accurate, and she always responded to patient needs efficiently. Additionally, she regularly handled various challenging tasks with great insight.
I was in constant awe of Dr. Hari's unique practice. She took a holistic approach to every single case. Although her days were busy, she made time to talk to her patients and get to know them, not just their symptoms. She even treated the patient's family members with the same courtesy. During patient encounters, she prescribed the required medications and treatments and encouraged patients and their family members to adjust their lifestyles.
I never saw Dr. Hari tired; she was always full of energy and had a big smile on her face. She is an exceptional person - she is trustworthy, approachable, professional, friendly, careful, and creative. She has an eye for detail and devotion to her profession. She takes her work more seriously than other medical professionals I have ever worked with. It was an honor to have worked with her. 
Beata Kobylska


Dr. Ashwinii Hari-Kurapati, MD online doctor NY