Wish you could get your medical question answered by a real doctor, right now? On-Demand?
On Demand
Let’s face it, we have become an on-demand society. Patience, a dying virtue, is a lost art or skill set. Love it or hate it, instant access using today’s technology transcends nearly every facet of life. First and foremost, media - TV, movies, music- it’s all there, right at our finger tips. Geez, even putting in a DVD and waiting for it to load seems painfully slow. And then there’s food - fast, packaged, pre-sliced, etc - which preceded on-demand media, but set the foundation for solving the ever growing problem of finding time to fit it such necessities as eating. God forbid, we plan ahead and bring a sack lunch to work or along for a road trip.


Now, with the exponential growth of online services, even traditional brick and mortar businesses such as financial services, legal, and now healthcare are simply available with a few clicks.


We at Cirrus Medical Network (CirrusMED) understand the desire for quick, convenient solutions to your healthcare needs. So many obstacles are in place when it comes to traditional medical care systems. When was the last time you heard someone rave about how quick their emergency room wait was? Ok, perhaps they were brought back within 15 minutes, but then the customer service and speedy delivery is lost in the terribly inefficient operations of the hospital - triage nurse, assistants, history taking, doctor, more history taking (groundhog day anyone?), hurry up and wait, labs, wait, xrays, wait, more history, allergies? , and so on.   Suddenly your “emergency” doesn’t feel so emergent, or even urgent. Why does it have to be this way? There are many factors, including privacy (HIPPA), documentation requirements, defensive medicine and over-testing for fear of litigation, lack of systematization, variations in practice style (human component), technical limitations (yes, medical facilities still rely on fax machines), and finally the complete lack of predictability when it comes to medicine -- complete randomness of medical afflictions, with no pattern.


Is there a demand for on-demand healthcare?  If not now, there will be soon. There is already on-demand medical information online, and one would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t search the web first for a solution for their medical question before spending some money and precious time contacting their doctor, or making an appointment.  Seeking an answer to one’s medical concern online can be downright frightening. In fact, these search often result in a doctor’s appointment purely due to the anxiety one experiences after a google search.
Could this anxiety, time, and money have been allayed with an on-demand healthcare solution? Certainly. Should the medical consumer have the ability to contact their personal physician, already familiar their medical history, with a simple text message, email, or video consultation online, it is very likely an unnecessary ER or Urgent Care visit and a significant medical bill could be avoided. Primary care physicians have been trained to deal with the front line of medicine. Developing a rapport with their patients over time to allow for confident decision making when addressing medical concerns.

Using today’s technology, it is now possible for primary care physicians  (PCP) to manage patients online, essentially on-demand. Until insurers start paying for telemedicine primary care visits, there are few options for online on-demand healthcare in most markets. Cirrus Medical Network, LLC allows for PCP’s to care directly for their patients by bypassing the barriers inherent to traditional models of care, like requiring a face-to-face visit for payment. Rather, for a nominal monthly fee, members retain a PCP who provides continuity of care and 24/7 access via secure messaging, virtual visits, and phone. With “Your Doctor. Online”, members get the closest thing to on-demand primary care available today.