While gout can be often thought of as something only older people have to deal with, the truth is that both younger men and women can be affected just as well. To treat gout, one must understand what it is and how it occurs. The second step is how to not only treat gout, but to prevent it. The following will help you better understand this condition so that you can make an informed medical decision on treatment.


What is Gout?

Gout is the result of high uric acid (urate) levels that in turn form crystals in the joints. The most common place that you will see this manifest is in the big toe. There are several others areas where gout can be present including the elbow, hands, ankle, and knee.


Symptoms of Gout

There are several different symptoms associated with gout. You may be experiencing joint pain, inflammation, and redness as a result. If you are experiencing intense joint pain it is important to seek out professional medical assistance, as this may decrease your odds of permanent joint damage.


How to Prevent Gout

Gout is often caused by a variety of contributing factors. Genetics, environment, and diet are just some of the factors involved. Genetically you can be predisposed to gout. If you live in an environment that is dry and/or cold this can also contribute to the likelihood of gout. Diet is also important because alcohol and processed foods are known to increase your chances of acquiring gout.


Treatment of Gout

When dealing with gout you will want to seek out medical treatment to avoid permanent joint damage as discussed. Cirrus Medical Network has doctors available to assist you with treating gout online. This includes a consultation, diagnosis, and possible treatment plan. The benefit of seeing an online physician is that it is often covered by your insurance plan and it is convenient because you don't have to leave your home!


If you are concerned that you may be dealing with gout, please seek out a medical evaluation. We hope you now feel confident in determining what gout is, the associated symptoms, as well as prevention and treatment. If you feel you could benefit from an online medical consultation, feel free to contact Cirrus Medical Network for your healthcare needs.