Handy dandy references for doctors....and patients. Empower yourself and your health with some of the health apps.

  • Epocrates Essentials (comprehensive clinical reference suite)
  • MedCalc (medical formulas, scores, scales, and classifications)1
  • LactMed
  • Medscape Mobile (drug and condition reference, medical new, CME courses)
  • DynaMed (Clinical Reference, updated daily)
  • VisualDX (visual diagnostic clinical decision support system)
  • Micromediex drug Information (comprehensive information on drugs, doses, and interactions)
  • Skyscape(customizable repository of drug and clinical information, medical calcualtors, etc.)
  • Diagnosaurus DDx(diagnostic search tool
  • ePSS (electronic Preventive Services Selector) from the Agency for Healthcare research and Quality
A Smartphone Physical:
Device Function FDA Approved*
iHealth Body Analysis Scale Body Analysis (eg, weight, BMI, body fat, muscle and bone mass) Yes
Withings BP Monitor BP, heart rate Yes
Masimo iSpO2 oxygen saturation, pulse, perfusion index Applied
Welch Allyn iExaminer Fundoscopic examination Yes
EyeNetra NETRA-G Visual Acuity No
CellScope Otoscope ear Drum Visualization Still in Prototype
SpiroSmart Spirometer** Spirometry Still in Prototype
AliveCor Heart Monitor One-lead EKG Yes
Thinklabs ds32+ Stethoscope Stethoscope Yes***
Mobisante MobiUS SP1 System Ultrasound Yes
BMI, body mass index; BP, blood pressure, EKG, electrocardiogram; FDA, US Food and Drug Administraion.
*The FDA review about 20 mobile medical apps per year.
** This application does not require an external device.
***Approved for sale to clinicians and to patients by prescription; over-the-counter status is being sought
 Here are some FDA-approved app, reference apps, and apps for you, the patientHere are some FDA-approved app, reference apps, and apps for you, the patient
Mobile Health Apps for Patients:
Prescribe an App?
Condition App
Anxiety Breathe2Relax
Headache/migraine iHeadache
Medication/OC management GoodRx, MedMory, MyOC, MyPill
Menopause BioDesk, myPause
Pain WedMD Pain Coach
Sleep Problems Sleep Diary
Voiding Bladder Pal, iP Voiding Diary
Weight Loss Calorie Count, Lose It!, MyFitnessPal