Frustrated with the health exchange? Still seem expensive? Just need a doctor to manage your primary care needs?

There is no deadline to establishing care with  your private online doctor at Cirrus Medical Network.   Insurance should be reserved for catastrophic and emergency care. Save on monthly premiums and just get the testing you need, not what your insurance says you need. At Cirrus Medical Network, you get the benefit of consulting with a board-certified physician on your time from the comfort of your home or mobile device.

Are you guaranteed a doctor with your new ACA "Obamacare" insurance? NOPE. Just holding an insurance card does NOT guarantee that your primary care doctor (or a doctor) will see you. Overburdened family physicians and internists really don't have a desire to add new patients and deal with new insurance restrictions. Concierge and direct pay primary care physicians eliminate the hassles of traditional insurance (i.e. face to face encounter required to get paid, prior authorizations, and so on).  Cirrus Medical Network, takes it one step further by bringing the direct pay model of care online using telemedicine and today's technology.

Think about your health. Think about your time.  Check out Cirrus Medical Network. Your Doctor. Online.