Upgrade your membership and renew your Medical Marijuana Card for 1 YEAR

Nevada Medical Marijuana Evaluations


 Cirrus Medical Network Medical Marijuana Renewal Includes:

  • One Month "Standard Primary Care Physician (PCP) Membership to Cirrus Medical Network (CirrusMED) - "Your Doctor. Online"
  • 1 YEAR MMJ CARD $69 (fill out form below)
  • Telemedicine Examination
  • Update Medical Record as needed
  • State of Nevada Medical Marijuana Program "Attending Physician's Statement- Renewal" completed by board certified MD/DO in State of Nevada.
    • NOTE: We ONLY provide the Physician Evaluation (aka the "Attending Physicians Statement") for initial application and renewals.  Initial applicants must first apply for Medical Marijuana Card by requesting a packet-- see the following links:
    • Renewal applicants will be asked to send their renewal "Attending Physicians Statement-Renewal" Form to us.
  • Required Documentation:
    • The "Attending Physician's Statement" form, which is part of the packet from the State of Nevada Medical Marijuana (MMJ Card) Program.  This is the form that will be signed in blue ink by your physician. Please complete the top portion, which is primarily your demographics.
    • Copy of Drivers License if not already on file with CirrusMED
    • Pertinent Medical Records (X-rays, Lab Tests, Progress Notes, Procedures, etc.)
  • After renewing,  you will have access to  Cirrus Medical Network's Member's Area. From the Member's Area you will be able to set up an appointment with your CirrusMED doctor.
  • Send Attending Physician's Statement via any of the following methods:
    • Mail:  Cirrus Medical Network,  LLC, 187 E. Warm Springs Rd., Suite B219, Las Vegas, NV 89119
    • Fax: 888-334-6052
    • Upload attachment via the portal: CirrusMED Portal  (note: Your portal login credentials were sent during your initial signup. Please let us know if you need the password reset)
    • Attach to email: cirrusmed@gmail.com
  • After these are complete, you may set-up a consultation with your CirrusMED physician.

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** CirrusMED physicians will only authorize medical marijuana for patients with qualifying conditions.   Cheapest Nevada Medical Card Physician Evaluation around, from only $69 - also includes an online concierge physician for a month!