For one low, monthly fee, gain peace of mind knowing you can get help from a Cirrus Medical Network (CirrusMED) physician when you need it.

  • Solid medical advice from physicians - Cirrus Medical Network physicians are experienced primary care physicians, reviewed by customers like you, and in good standing with their respective State Boards.
  • Avoid Paying expensive office visits  - While you pay ever-increasing co-pays and deductibles to see most doctors, you pay only one low monthly fee to get help from Cirrus Medical Network physicians.
  • Your Doctor. Your Time.  Schedule an appointment online, message your doctor directly. No waiting room. No more "could you hold please". No more sitting in that tiny yet nerve-wracking doctor's exam room.
  • Choose the right physician who is right for you -  most customers receive a selection of physicians based on your location and/or needs.
  • Get an "Establish Care" consultation - To get you on the right track for your health concerns
  • Get personalized medical advice on an unlimited number of health matters - For each 30-minute video or phone consultation, you get personalized advice that can help you make important medical and health decisions
  • Have your Personal Health Record (PHR) reviewed by your physician - Your physician will update and review your health record, medical and surgical history, family history, medications,  immunizations and preventive health status.
  • Build a history with your physician - You can schedule each consultation with the same physician, building a history with someone who knows both you and your medical history.



Unlike many telemedicine services, members retain the same doctor every time. Less explaining, more understanding.


All providers are U.S. Board-Certified physicians. No nurses, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners. Just you and your doctor.

Peace of Mind

Our doctors are there for you. Discreet, personalized care, addressing your medical concerns.


No insurance? No Problem. We do not bill Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial insurance. No copay. Flexible payment options as low as $39/mo.


For one low, monthly fee, gain peace of mind knowing you can get medical help when you need it. From your smart phone, tablet, or home computer, simply log in and connect directly with your doctor. “Your doctor, Your time.”


Unlimited consultations, referrals, prescriptions, x-rays and more are all within the scope of telemedicine primary care.