How To Securely Message Your CirrusMED Doctor

Securely Message and Send Documents To Your Doctor

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to “Contact My Doctor”
  3. Click on “Patient Portal” Button
  4. Alternatively,  bookmark and login at
  5. Enter your CirrusMED Updox Username and Password.
    • Your Username is usually the email address that Cirrus Medical Network has on record. If Cirrus Medical Network has an old email address, use that old email address here. If Cirrus Medical Network does not have an email address, your username is a random number. If your Username is an email address, you should have received your password via email. If your username is not an email address, Cirrus Medical Network should have provided your password to you.
  6. From the main message dashboard, you may:
    • Check Inbox for messages
    • Compose New Messages
    • Attach Documents
      1. Select Your Document (text, PDF, image, )
      2. Add subject and text to message.
      3. Documents will be reviewed by your physician and added to your electronic health record.
  7. Submit Cirrus Medical Network Forms
  8. Update your Profile (user/pass/email)
  9. Designate Family Members or Others Access to your Patient Portal


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