Are you experiencing chronic low back pain and having trouble finding someone who will order you an MRI? It can be frustrating when you feel a scan is necessary and it seems like your concerns are not being heard. The good news is that you don't have to worry or continue to battle the pain without answers. The team of physicians at Cirrus Medical Network are ready and waiting to help you!

Using an Online Physician to Get Results

With Cirrus Medical Network you don't have to worry that your concerns will not be taken seriously. If you're experiencing chronic low back pain and need imaging, their team of physicians can help you with a MRI script online, and you don't even need to leave your home to see a doctor!

All you need to do is simply submit your clinical history online with Cirrus Medical Network and one of their physicians will evaluate your case and get you the referral you need for a MRI. The process of seeing an online physician might be easier than you think. Cirrus Medical Network accepts a wide range of insurance plans and by seeing an online physician you cut out waiting to get an appointment, as well as those pesky waiting room times.

How Much Does a MRI Cost?

If your insurance does not cover your MRI there are still options out there to help lessen the final cost. Using services such as,, and you can find an affordable option without having to wait weeks to get your scan. The best part is that you will finally have the answers to the cause of your back pain!

So, if you're tired of dealing with chronic low back pain and are in need of a MRI referral online, don't hesitate to contact Cirrus Medical Network. Their team of caring and understanding physicians will take your concerns seriously and get you that MRI referral online you need so that you can get answers.