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How it works

At Cirrus Medical Network, we reduce the barriers to care often seen in traditional healthcare systems. Communicate directly with your online doctor as often as you'd like, as long as you are an active member.

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Concierge Care. Just for you. 

Each of our physicians is unique in their approach to personalized care, but share the same desire to work directly with patients without the intrusion of third-parties like insurance.

Think of every physician as having their own virtual concierge practice.

Membership and service pricing may vary from doctor to doctor, so be sure to review their profile page prior to registering. 

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3 Easy Steps To Get Started:

1 - Register as a New Patient

You have a doctor in mind. Now what?

Simply register at

Confirm your email and fill out a simple intake form. Your doctor will see this information and go over it with you as needed. Here's a quick video explaining the registration process. 

2 - Find Your Doctor

Search for a doctor licensed in your state.

Primary care physicians include Family Medicine/Family Practice (all ages), Internal Medicine (> 18 years old),  Pediatrics (< 18 years old), and Adolescent Medicine (age 12-21).

Specialty care physicians are experts in one area of medicine or surgery.

Need help finding the right doctor? Use our concierge physician finder service


3 -Contact Your Doctor

Once you've registered and paid for a membership, you will be able to communicate directly with your physician. Active members may send chat messages (similar to texting, email and/or portal messaging)  or book a virtual/video chat visit online.

Since continuity of care is maintained, you will not have to re-explain your situation or medical history. Since your doctor does not bill insurance, care is "all-inclusive" with direct access to your doctor as long as your membership is active.

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Care From Anywhere!

Our web application works in the most popular web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) and is mobile-friendly. There is no need to download an app. However, it may be helpful to bookmark on your phone or in your browser favorites.

"This was a very innovative and convenient way to see a doctor. It was nice speaking with someone that supported my own advocacy in personal health care where other doctors won't. So far I am very pleased."

Wendi B.

"Dr. H is very knowledgable and has always been very helpful in finding the best solutions for my medical treatment."

Anthony K.