How does Cirrus Medical Network (CirrusMED) work?

Cirrus Medical Network offers a membership model of online primary care medical services.





After signing up for a membership plan, you will have access to the "Patient Area" on .

From the Patient Area you will be able to fill out your new patient "Registration Form" and begin to create your online electronic health record.

Cirrus Medical Network will provide you with a free electronic health record (EHR) allowing you to access and share your health information wherever and whenever you want. Simple as that.

Shortly after signing up with Cirrus Medical Network, a "get to know you" virtual visit will be scheduled with your new online primary care physician (PCP). At this consultation, your medical record will be reviewed and any concerns of yours will be addressed. Acute, chronic, and wellness issues are all considered during this and all consultations with your CirrusMED-affiliated physician.

From the Patient Area you may then connect with your physician at any time, edit your medical record or account profile, and schedule an online consultation.


Some notes about your EHR and Cirrus Medical Network primary care services:

  1. You create and control your EHR. You decide who can see, use, and share your information.
  2. The doctor reviews your EHR Before a consult, the doctor reviews your EHR so he or she can provide you with the best quality care based on your health history.
  3. The doctor updates your EHR.  After the consult, the doctor updates it for your records.
  4. Access your medical information. You can access your medical information anytime online and share it with your other health care providers as you see fit. The choice is yours.
  5. Take it with you.Your EHR is portable and goes anywhere you go. If you change doctors, jobs, insurance policies or loc ations, your EHR is yours to keep.
  6. What about referrals? Your online concierge doctor can refer you to any specialist you desire. Generally, a reports from the specialist will be sent back to your physician and filed in your record.
  7. What about Prescriptions? Prescriptions are submitted electronically to your pharmacy of choice. See our Prescription Policy Here.
  8. What about Labs, X-rays, and other diagnostic testing? Unlike other "telemedicine" services out there, Cirrus Medical Network doctors can order diagnostic studies such as labs and x-rays. Similar to traditional doctors' offices, results will be reviewed and discussed with you. The only difference is that communication is online. No need to make an appointment.

Is it secure?

We use robust security technologies and procedures to keep your private and personal information just that: private and personal.