How to get an MRI without seeing a doctor

You had to hit the brakes hard because of a creative driver cutting across your path. You didn't dodge the lump, bump, or crater in the road in time to avoid a neck-wrenching jolt. You're sure it's fine, but after a few days of heat, massage, and pain relievers, it still hurts.

The neck is an underappreciated key player in the functioning of the body. Oxygen, nerves, and blood flow through it between the brain and the rest of the body. It holds the conveyor of food to the stomach and water to hydrate everything. It enables you to see your surroundings at a glance.  A stiff or sore neck can provoke feelings from mild annoyance to a quiet fear.

The quickest way to know what's going on is to get an MRI of the neck. Or, in medical-speak, a cervical spine MRI. An MRI beats an x-ray because it can help a doctor 'see' into not just bones but soft tissue and veins. This allows for diagnosis of a wider range of conditions including

  • soft tissue tumors or disorders
  • bone tumors or abnormalities
  • joint disorders
  • bulging or herniated discs
  • abnormal arterial bulges (aneurysms)

Cirrus Medical Network offers MRI referrals that aren't a – yes, we have to say it – pain in the neck. The process is simple and highly cost-effective. For a very modest fee, you'll receive:

  1. An order from a U.S.-certified primary care physician for an MRI sent to the imaging center of your choice.
    1. Fill out a little paperwork and receive a referral within one business day of submission.
  2. Physician Review of the MRI.
  3. A virtual consultation with a physician to discuss the scan results and next-steps.
  4. A 1-week CirrusMED Standard Primary Care Physician (PCP) Membership.
  5. Relief from getting a quick and thorough answer.

If you're experiencing pain and don't want the pain of a weeks-long process of battling for an MRI, come to the Cirrus Medical Network, get your MRI referral, get done, and go on.