Find Your California Doctor Online

You do so much online and in the cloud. Ever wish your doctor visits could be cloud-based too? They can, with CirrusMED. Typically, the process for getting medical care goes like this:

  • Call to make an appointment and wait up to 3 weeks to be seen. If you have insurance, make sure the doctor is in-network.
  • Take time off from work for the appointment.
  • Fight traffic and, possibly, hunt for a parking space.
  • Fish out your own pen to sign in, especially if it's flu season.
  • Keep sanitizer handy after touching door handles, armrests, etc., especially if it's flu season.
  • Camp out in the waiting room. (If it's flu season, breathe shallowly and remember not to put your hands near or on your eyes or mouth until you've washed them.)
  • Bring something from work to do so you're not losing time from a time-sensitive project. If you don't have that type of job, try to relax.
  • Glare back at the nurse giving you the stink eye because your blood pressure is elevated. Not that it always is, it's just that you've just finished dodging distracted drivers, hiked in from the far side of the parking lot, and then had to speed walk down a hallway to get your vitals taken, all without time to go the bathroom or catch your breath.
  • See a doctor (if it's an urgent care center or group practice, you may not see the doctor seen on your last visit).
  • If the doctor writes a prescription, debate whether you have time to get it filled now or if you should wait until after work.
  • Fight traffic back to your workplace.
  • If you were referred to a specialist, check your leave balance to see if you can afford to take off another morning for that visit. If you have insurance, check to make sure the specialist is in-network.
  • Catch up on work. You may have to stay late, which could affect your plans for the evening.

You could save a little time by going to an urgent care facility, but you're still faced with:

  • using up leave time.
  • traffic.
  • a possibly lengthy wait time. Especially if it's a morning where a few companies have sent their employees for mandatory drug testing.

According to WalletHub, California ranks among the top five states with the highest percentage of at-risk adults who haven't received medical care in 2 years. Generally, to be considered at-risk, you are:

  • prediabetic or diabetic.
  • overweight or obese.
  • having trouble managing your blood pressure.
  • having trouble managing your cholesterol levels.

The University of San Francisco reported that, compared to its population, California will have a shortage of 47,000 primary care doctors by 2025. If the doctor shortage is affecting your ability to receive timely and regular care, CirrusMED can help.

Implementing cloud technology, CirrusMED offers the finest in telemedicine. Membership plans provide 24/7 access to a U.S.-based, board-certified, physician. There are no office visits; patients and doctors communicate by web, email, or phone. In most cases, there is no need for a trip to a brick-and-mortar healthcare facility.

Your appointment with your personal primary, general, or family medicine physician works like this:

  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Enjoy a virtual visit with your doctor.
  • Get next steps (specialist referral; orders for labs, x-ray or imaging [including an MRI]; or a prescription) in a timely manner and at no additional charge.
  • Pick up your prescription(s) at the end of your workday, on the weekend, or during your lunch break.
  • Get back to work sooner rather than later.
  • Use less leave time because you have no or only one brick-and-mortar visit to make.
  • Leave work on time.

Receive treatment for over 70 healthcare conditions in all aspects of care including mental health, pediatrics, and wellness. Whether you are insured or not, a membership plan can save you time and the cost of an office or urgent care visit. Get your health concern addressed sooner rather than later.

Standard plans offer all of the above; VIP plans offer the ultimate access to your physician: their mobile phone number. So, whether you have an ongoing health condition or are relentlessly healthy but want a doctor of your own just in case, get the exact care you need with "Your Doctor. Online."