Cirrus Medical Network Family Primary Care Physician (PCP) Plan

Introducing, the Family PCP Plan. For as low as $79/month you can retain an online concierge physician for the whole family. That’s right, the entire family benefits from having quick, convenient access to a board-certified primary care physician available 24/7 via secure messaging and virtual visits online. Married? Have Kids? We have you covered. Your CirrusMED physician will take care of your primary care needs within the scope of telemedicine. Anything from a quick medical question to more complex chronic disease management. Does your child have a fever and not sure whether to bring them in? Does your spouse neglect their health because he/she hates going to the doctor? Run it by your concierge physician. Remember, there is no insurance billing -- no co-pays, no restrictions. All information is safe, secure and discreet. CirrusMED is “Your doctor. Online.” We know our members value what CirrusMED has to offer, so why not offer that same level of service to your spouse and/or kids? Here are the details of the Family PCP Plan: [css3_grid id='medicenter_blue_Family_v1']

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