Discount ED Prescriptions

How to save on medications for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

We understand that erectile dysfunction (ED) medications can be very expensive and rarely covered by insurance.

Here are some resources to check out when considering a prescription for ED medications:

Discount and Coupon websites are a good place to start: and

"Generic Viagra" - lower dose (20 mg) than brand name Viagra (50mg, 100 mg), intended for treatment of pulmonary hypertension, often least expensive at warehouse and grocery chain pharmacies.  Generic Viagra (sildenafil)

Pfizer - drug manufacturer discount program. Sign up and let pharmacist know. Limitations apply. See link here:

Mail Order/Compound Pharmacy - there are several mail order and compound pharmacies. One U.S. based pharmacy is the Gentleman's Choice option from Curexa. They offer 10 pills of varying strengths for about $90 -- check them out here:

Cirrus Medical Network physicians are able to prescribe up to 12 tabs a month as long as your membership is current.