Diagnostic Imaging List

Need a MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray or Ultrasound?

Cirrus Medical Network physicians are able to generate a referral for diagnostic imaging for a nominal fee. Below is a list of radiology procedures that can be ordered by your CirrusMED physician.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI Spine Cervical W/O Contrast 72141
MRI Spine Cervical W W/O Contrast 72156
MRI Spine Thoracic W/O Contrast 72146
MRI Spine Thoracic W W/O Contrast 72157
MRI Spine Lumbar W W/O Contrast 72158
MRI Spine Lumbar W/O Contrast 72148
MRI Pelvis W W/O Contrast 72197
MRI Pelvis W/O Contrast 72195
MRI Extremity Lower Joint W/O Contrast - Knee, Ankle, Mid/Hindfoot, Hip 73721
MRI Extremity Lower Joint W W/O Contrast - Knee, Ankle, Mid/Hindfoot, Hip 73723
MRI Extremity Upper Joint W/O Contrast - Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist 73221
MRI Extremity Upper Joint W W/O Contrast - Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist 73223
MRI Extremity Lower W W/O Contrast Tib/Fib, Mid/Foreft, Femur, Foreft/Toes 73720
MRI Extremity Lower W/O Contrast Tib/Fib, Mid/Foreft, Femur, Foreft/Toes 73718
MRI Extremity Upper W W/O Contrast Brachial Plexus, Scapula, Humerus, Forearm, Hand 73220
MRI Extremity Upper W/O Contrast Brachial Plexus, Scapula, Humerus, Forearm, Hand 73218
MRI Abdomen W/O Contrast 74181
MRI Abdomen W W/O Contrast 74183
MRI Brain W/O Contrast 70551
MRI Brain W W/O Contrast 70553
MRI Orbit, Face, Neck W/O Contrast 70540
MRI Orbit, Face, Neck W W/O Contrast 70543
MRI TMJ W/O Contrast 70336

MRI Breast 77059

MRI Pelvis Attn: Prostate W W/O 72197, 76377 (Prostate W/ 3D Reconstruction)

***NOTE***WE WILL NOT ORDER MRA's or Cardiac MRI's***Please DO NOT sign up for an MRI referral if you are evaluating chest pain or heart disease.


CT Scan (Cat Scan)

CT Abd W/O Contrast 74150
CT Abd W/ Contrast 74160
CT Abd W W/O Contrast 74170
CT Abd & Pelvis W/ Contrast 74177
CT Abd & Pelvis W W/O Contrast 74178
CT Abd & Pelvis W/O Contrast 74176
CT Pelvis W/ Contrast 72193
CT Pelvis W/O Contrast 72192
CT Pelvis W W/O Contrast 72194
CT Stone Protocol W/O Contrast 74176
CT Chest W/O Contrast 71250
CT Chest W/ Contrast 71260

CT Chest W W/O Contrast 71270

CT Coronary Artery Calcium (CAC) Score 75571


CT Head W/O Contrast 70450
CT Head W W/O Contrast 70470
CT Head W/ Contrast 70460
CT Neck W/ Contrast 70491
CT Neck W/O Contrast 70490
CT Sinus Limited W/O Contrast 76380
CT Sinus Complete W/O Contrast 70486
CT Max/Facial W/O Contrast 70486
CT Max/Facial W/ Contrast 70487
CT Orbit/ IAC W W/O Contrast 70482
CT Orbit/ IAC W/O Contrast 70480
CT Orbit/ IAC W/ Contrast 70481
 CT Extremity Upper W/O Contrast 73200
 CT Extremity Upper W/ Contrast 73201
 CT Extremity Lower W/ Contrast 73701
 CT Extremity Lower W/O Contrast 73700
 CT Spine Cervical W/O Contrast 72125
 CT Spine Cervical W/ Contrast 72126
 CT Spine Thoracic W/O Contrast 72128
 CT Spine Thoracic W/ Contrast 72129
 CT Spine Lumbar W/O Contrast 72131
 CT Spine Lumbar W/ Contrast 72132


Acetabulum (AP, Judet = 45 degree obliques)
Acromioclavicular joint
Ankle (AP, LAT, Mortise)
Cervical Spine (AP,Lateral-Flexion & Extension, Open Mouth, Obliques)
Cervical Spine 2-3 views
Cervical Spine w /flex/ext
Clavicle (AP, 20 degree Cephalic Axial View )
Elbow (AP, LAT, OBL; children
Elbow 2 views
Elbow: Supracondylar fx (AP, LAT 1/3 Distal Humerus)
Finger/Phalanx (AP, LAT)
Foot (AP, LAT, OBL)
Hand (AP, LAT, OBL)
Heel/Calcaneus (AP, LAT)
Hip follow-up THA or fx (AP, Cross-table LAT of hip)
Hip OA/pre-op THA/new fx (AP Pelvis & AP, Cross-table LAT of hip)
Humerus (AP, LAT)
Knee (AP, LAT, Sunrise)
Knee OA (Standing B/L AP, LAT
Knee OA (Standing B/L PA with 20 degrees of flexion, LAT, Sunrise)
Lumbar Spine (AP, LAT, Obliques, Spot Lateral L5-S1)
Lumbar Spine 2-3 views
Lumbar Spine flex/ext
Nasal bones
Pelvis (AP)
Pelvis adolescent/infant (AP, Frog Leg)
Rib Unilateral
Rib Unilateral w /PA chest
Ribs Bilateral w /PA chest
S.C. Joints (sternoclavicular)
Sacroiliac joints
Sacrum & Coccyx
Scaphoid (ulnar deviated AP = "scaphoid view"
Scoliosis (Standing AP, LAT, Bending)
Shoulder (AP, Scapular "Y", Axillary)
Sternum (AP, LAT)
Thoracic Spine (AP, LAT)
Tibia & Fibula (AP, LAT)
Tibia Plateau (AP, LAT, 2 Oblique views)
Toes (AP, LAT, OBL)
Wrist (Anatomical AP & LAT tilt views)
Wrist ORIF (Anatomical A P & LA T tilt views , oblique)




US Thyroid/Soft Tissue Neck


US Breast, Unilateral or Bilateral


US Abdomen, Complete


US Abdomen, Single Organ/Quadrant (gallbladder)


US Retroperitoneum, Complete (Renal/Aorta)


US Transvaginal Only


US Hysterosonography c/s color flow doppler


US Pelvis Only, Complete/Non-OB



US Pelvis, Limited


US Scrotum


US Extremity, Non-Vascular


US Carotid, Bilateral


US Carotid, Unilateral/Limited


US Duplex Venous, Extremity (upper or lower), Bilateral


US Duplex Venous, Extremity (upper or lower), Unilateral


US Duplex, Testis & Epididymis Complete Abd & Pelvic Organs



US Duplex, Testis & Epididymis Limited Abd & Pelvic Organs


US Retroperitoneal Compl. (Renal & Bladder)


US Retroperitoneal Ltd. (Aorta or Renal)


US Bladder