When gut health took over Sarah’s life, she was a young mom and started to have what she considered “stomach issues.” Her bloating and discomfort continued to worsen. She had spoken with her doctor at her postpartum visit about her recent stomach concerns but felt like it was blown over. The doctor suggested that it could be related to the recent changes with having a baby or that perhaps she wasn’t getting enough nutrients since becoming a new mom. The doctor stressed the importance of self-care after having a baby to the new mom. Sarah left the appointment feeling frustrated and unheard, doubting that just being a busy mom was the source of her issues. 

mom and child gut health

Sarah continued to struggle with her digestive problems. Stomach cramping, diarrhea, occasional constipation seemed to rule Sarah’s daily life. Canceled beach trips, avoiding most foods that she thought might be contributing, trying at-home remedies...anything that might bring relief. 

The wasted time spent in waiting rooms just to be rushed through doctor’s visits and leave again feeling dismissed and ignored continued to frustrate Sarah. She missed out on activities with her kids and get-togethers with friends. Even vacations were affected by her constant discomfort. Sarah felt as if she was running out of options and started to believe that her chronic pain would be how she had to live her life. Overwhelmed at the idea of being a young mom, unable to have the freedom she desired, and feeling like a prisoner to her health issues she looked into one last suggestion made by her friend.

That’s when she decided to make a change and try something new. Telemedicine was growing in popularity through the recent pandemic and Sarah was able to find Cirrus Medical Network through social media. Her first appointment was from the comfort of her own home. Which meant no waiting room and no need to find a babysitter or bring along her kids to her appointment. The physician took the time to do a complete comprehensive visit, leaving Sarah feeling heard. She felt that she finally had a doctor that was willing to listen and genuinely interested in helping her get to the bottom of her gut issues. Within just a few days Sarah had lab results and a treatment plan from her new doctor as well as the ability to touch base with her doctor whenever necessary. Today Sarah is leading an active life no longer controlled but bloating stomach pain, and frequent trips to the restroom. She is grateful for the new approach to medicine that Cirrus Medical Network offers as well as her physician that continues to take a whole-body approach.