Lost your job? Don’t have a doctor?

Lost your job? Don’t have a doctor?

The coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the economy, including a soaring unemployment rate. Whether you have been furloughed or terminated from your work, it is very likely you may have lost your healthcare benefits.

Properly Treat Your UTI Online with a Real Doctor

Hurts to pee? Really Gotta go? Treat UTI online Urinary Tract Infections (or UTI's) are actually a very common and recurring problem among many women, often easily treated with a round of prescription antibiotics. The symptoms leave the patient feeling a lot of...

Take the Virtual Route to Treating a Vaginal Yeast Infection

Meet Holly. A busy solopreneur, she’s happy to be bouncing back from a nasty respiratory infection. As her antibiotic course is coming to an end, she notices disturbing changes to her body. She does a quick search online and learns that she probably has a vaginal yeast infection. The antibiotics did it.

Getting an MRI Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain in the Neck

How to get an MRI without seeing a doctor You had to hit the brakes hard because of a creative driver cutting across your path. You didn't dodge the lump, bump, or crater in the road in time to avoid a neck-wrenching jolt. You're sure it's fine, but after a few days...