So you want to build your own virtual telehealth practice?

Initially, the answer seems rather simple — just find a HIPPA-compliant video chat platform and integrate with an electronic health record (EHR) and then start seeing patients. 

Well, once one digs a little deeper, it becomes quite apparent that creating an independent telemedicine practice is a much more complicated endeavor. 

Here is a list of things to consider when starting your own virtual medical practice:

Parenting During the Pandemic: A Brief Survival Guide

Parenting During the Pandemic: A Brief Survival Guide

First of all, let’s all acknowledge that the Covid19 pandemic of 2020 has had an impact on all of our lives, from the very youngest to the very oldest. And while we as parents and pediatric professionals are justifiably concerned with the effects of the pandemic on our children, we should also be addressing the effects of the pandemic on ourselves. We will be better caregivers and professionals if we take care of ourselves too. 

Online Gynecologist (GYN) – Experience Better Tele-Gynecology Care

Online Gynecologist (GYN) – Experience Better Tele-Gynecology Care

Women’s health encompasses a wide range of conditions. Typically, women seek out providers specializing in gynecology (OB/GYN) for the evaluation and treatment of female-specific concerns. Having a gynecologist whom you can trust and contact at any time is key to a healthy doctor-patient relationship. Fortunately, with the increased adoption of telehealth, gynecologists are now offering their services online.
Tele-gynecology allows women to avoid the hassles of having to make an appointment, sit in a waiting room, and deal with the receptionists and assistants. While a physical examination may be necessary to evaluate some complaints, many conditions can be managed via telemedicine. 

Lost your job? Don’t have a doctor?

Lost your job? Don’t have a doctor?

The coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the economy, including a soaring unemployment rate. Whether you have been furloughed or terminated from your work, it is very likely you may have lost your healthcare benefits.

Properly Treat Your UTI Online with a Real Doctor

Hurts to pee? Really Gotta go? Treat UTI online Urinary Tract Infections (or UTI's) are actually a very common and recurring problem among many women, often easily treated with a round of prescription antibiotics. The symptoms leave the patient feeling a lot of...

Take the Virtual Route to Treating a Vaginal Yeast Infection

Meet Holly. A busy solopreneur, she’s happy to be bouncing back from a nasty respiratory infection. As her antibiotic course is coming to an end, she notices disturbing changes to her body. She does a quick search online and learns that she probably has a vaginal yeast infection. The antibiotics did it.

Getting an MRI Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain in the Neck

How to get an MRI without seeing a doctor You had to hit the brakes hard because of a creative driver cutting across your path. You didn't dodge the lump, bump, or crater in the road in time to avoid a neck-wrenching jolt. You're sure it's fine, but after a few days...