You hurt your knee a few months ago. Nothing was broken, so you decided to just give it time to heal on its own. There's just one problem: it still hurts! You've tried the usual home treatments:

  • ice
  • heat
  • rest
  • braces and wraps
  • over-the-counter medication.

Some even worked, for a short time, but the pain always comes back. You know something more is going on, but the traditional method for obtaining an MRI is complicated and requires taking time off work for various appointments.  You just want to know if your knee will heal on its own, or if it needs more aggressive treatment, but the paperwork and bureaucracy is making it harder than it needs to be. What can you do?

You could go the more traditional route, through your primary care doctor, Emergency Room, urgent care center, but that means taking time off work and paying your doctor to tell you what you already know: that you need an MRI. Even after receiving a referral, your insurance company could still deny coverage, sending you to physical therapy instead, which means more time and money for you. You may be uninsured, have a high deductible, or have a policy that requires a lengthy prior authorization process before you ever set foot in an imaging center.

But there is another option: an online MRI referral. At Cirrus Medical Network, you can skip the lengthy and frustrating referral process by letting us do it for you. There's no need for an in-person doctor's appointment when the same thing can be done online, in a much shorter time, and for much less money.

Once you sign up with Cirrus Medical Network,

  • one of our doctors will consult with you about your injury in whatever way is best for you, be it over the phone, through text, or by email.
  • The entire process only takes a couple days, and requires no time spent sitting in a doctor's office.
  • Your Cirrus Medical Network doctor will order the MRI for you, at an imaging center of your choice, and will personally go over the results with you.

In today's world, time is more valuable than ever before. Why waste hours or days obtaining a referral for something as simple as an MRI? By choosing Cirrus Medical Network, you get to keep that time while also saving money. Sign up today and get your MRI referral without the hassle.