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When you need more than 15 minutes.

If you've ever felt rushed through a doctor's visit, then you know the feeling. Pressured to explain your story, your symptoms, fast.  And we all know, no one likes pressure.

Your health is worth much more than a cursory 10-15 minute visit. 

Relax, our doctors are here to listen now, and in the future. With direct access, you may easily follow-up by messaging your doctor at any time. Or, make another appointment online for real-time discussion. Even better, you won't have to explain your story again, and again, because you retain the same doctor, every visit,  as long as you want.  Continuity of care is what we do best. 



Request prescription refills, labs, x-rays/imaging, referrals and other services with just a few clicks.

Our platform is accessible through any browser and from any device.

No need to download an app or create a separate account with Zoom, Skype, or Facetime.  Just go to and everything is in one place.

  • Easily upload, share, view medical reports and documents between you and your doctor.
  • Video chat or upload a photo as needed
  • Message your doctor and/or the doctor's virtual medical assistant easily



Shoulder or Joint pain?

Concierge Telehealth Physicians

Explore our network of highly-vetted telehealth physicians.

Cirrus Medical Network is where doctors build their practice, online.


While personalized care is our specialty, we make it easier by leveraging technology.

Video Chat

Do not jeopardize your privacy and personal health information by using non-secure apps like Zoom, Skype and Facetime.  Our internal video chat is HIPPA-compliant and accessible from any device/browser. Just book your appointment online and "enter" the video chat at the time of your appointment right from

Direct Message / Text Your Doctor

Text your CirrusMED doctor directly with quick updates or routine medical questions.

Book a virtual visit and video chat for undivided attention from your doctor for instant answers.

Customize your notifications by choosing email, SMS/Text, and/or website notifications.

Share & View Documents

Easily upload, share, and view medical reports and documents. Our unique "shared folder" allows you and your doctor to collaborate on your care. Medical care is no longer one-sided. It is a joint venture -- between you and your provider.


Choose from one of our "one-time" services:

  • One-time consultation
  • New Prescription Request
  • Prescription Refill Request
  • MRI / Diagnostic Imaging Request
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Medication Request
  • Weight Loss Management
  • ...and more


As a member, you benefit from direct access to your physician as often as you need to for as long as you are a member.

…a doctor’s practice model that works like “Netflix for Medicine”.  You subscribe to your local doctor’s practice for a monthly fee and binge on health care when you need it!

The doctor/patient relationship as it should be.

For more information regarding direct primary care, check out this site:

Direct Imaging

Need an MRI or X-Ray order, but stuck in the crazy healthcare system? Bypass the hassles and sign up for our direct imaging referral service.


We've cared for thousands of patients online since 2014. Listen to what they have to say...

This is the second time I’ve worked with this physician. He is fantastic. I would drive to see him but live the convenience of this system.

Clayton J.

This was the easiest way to have a doctors appointment! As a busy mom with four kids getting out to an appointment on time can be a struggle. This however has changed that for me! It’s like being right there in office! Dr. Highley was amazing and plenty of time to discuss my kiddo’s current issue. So pleased and will absolutely do this again!

Tennessee W.

Outstanding platform, timely connection. The way medicine will be. Excellent consult Dr. Highley. Keep up the great work!
Darren B.

This was great!

"Easy, convenient and so non-threatening. Dr. Schumacher is pleasant and easy to talk to about everything." - Reena S

5 Star Visit

Dr. Schumacher is a great communicator and I trust his judgement. - Sharon G.

Talk with your doctor.  Sooner than later. 

You could wait several weeks to see an overwhelmed, busy office-based physician...or sign up, choose a doctor, and have your concerns addressed sooner than later. Which would you choose?


Explore online concierge medicine.

Looking for a online doctor who will prescribe metformin?

Looking for a online doctor who will prescribe metformin?

Metformin Online Prescription

It is actually pretty easy to request a metformin prescription online, conveniently from home. 

First, when requesting a prescription medication like metformin, it is best to work with a doctor who is comfortable prescribing this medication. 

Physicians who commonly prescribe metformin, practice in the following specialties: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine,  Gynecology, and Endocrinology. 

Dealing with “Gut Health”

Dealing with “Gut Health”

When gut health took over Sarah’s life, she was a young mom and started to have what she considered “stomach issues.” Her bloating and discomfort continued to worsen. She had spoken with her doctor at her postpartum visit about her recent stomach concerns but felt like it was blown over. The doctor suggested that it could be related to the recent changes with having a baby or that perhaps she wasn’t getting enough nutrients since becoming a new mom. The doctor stressed the importance of self-care after having a baby to the new mom. Sarah left the appointment feeling frustrated and unheard, doubting that just being a busy mom was the source of her issues. 

So you want to build your own virtual telehealth practice?

So you want to build your own virtual telehealth practice?

Initially, the answer seems rather simple — just find a HIPPA-compliant video chat platform and integrate with an electronic health record (EHR) and then start seeing patients. 

Well, once one digs a little deeper, it becomes quite apparent that creating an independent telemedicine practice is a much more complicated endeavor. 

Here is a list of things to consider when starting your own virtual medical practice: